Calculation of the SAT and the ACT

The Technion will consider the admission of applicants who meet basic requirements. One of these requirements is the psychometric test or the SAT or the ACT. The test Israeli psychometric is given in Israel a number of times a year, in the following languages:

In addition, there is an option to take the exam in a combined English and Hebrew format, with selected words translated into Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German, Hungarian and Arabic.

The SAT can be calculated here.

For candidates who have taken the SAT exam, the following translation formula is applied:
R – Critical Reading SAT score
M – Math SAT score
Psychometric score = M * 0.67 + R * 0.33

In all cases where there are multiple grades for the psychometric test (multi domain score) or the SAT, the best grade will be taken into consideration.

The overseas Psycometric Test

The psychometric test is also given abroad in several locations in Europe, the U.S. and South America (depending on the number of applicants). The registration form and fee for the overseas test vary. To obtain a registration form and additional information, contact the Unit for Overseas Tests at NITE.

For further information concerning the psychometric test, please write to:
Overseas Examinations Center
NITE (National Institute for Testing and Evaluation)
P. O. B. 26015, Jerusalem 91260, Israel
or visit their site: