Knowledge of English

  • A grade of at least 104 in the English section of the psychometric test is required for all programs. For Medicine, a grade of at least 120 is required.
  • The English placement level is determined by the English part of the psychometric exam, the AMIR exam grade or the SAT reading section.

SAT English placement will be according to the following conversion table:

English in the SAT Test

SAT English classification based on the English grade in the SAT, will be according to the following translation table:

English in the SAT Test
520-600Scientific English 2
601-669Technical English
670 and moreExemption

Candidates for Medicine with a grade lower than 600 cannot be accepted to medicine.

The "Amir" Test

Students may take the Amir test in order to try to improve their Psychometric Exam grade in English. It is possible to take the Amir test more than once. The Technion accepts the highest grade, not necessarily the last grade, in this situation.

Students must have at least a Psychometric grade in English of 104 or a grade of 204 in the "Amir"  test (English Proficiency Test), in order to register to the Technion. for medicine a grade of at least 120 is requrired or a grade of 220 in the "Amir"  test.

The "Amir" Test
120-133Technical English
104-119Scientific English 2
50-103Can not be accepted to the Technion