Biomedical Engineering and Physics

סטודנטית מבצעת ניסוי בעזרת מיקרוסקופ, בחדר נקיJoint study program between the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Faculty of Physics.

This novel program in intended for a limited number of Honors students interested in gaining scientific and technological knowledge in biomedical engineering disciplines, together with a deeper physical understanding of modern biomedical engineering phenomena and research tools.

At the end of the program, students are granted a BSc in Biomedical engineering and Physics.

In this program, effort will be made to adjust the schedules and exam schedules of the two tracks.  It is difficult to adjust the program for a very small number of students.  Therefore, the length of the study program may be longer than planned.

Contact Us

In Biomedical engineering:  
Professor Shechtman Yoav| 04-8291422 |
Asya Ashkenazy | 04-8294123 |

In Physics:
Professor Oren Bergman  | 04-8293546 |
Maman Ester |  04-8295585 |


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