Education in Science and Technology

Career Options and Job Opportunities

The track of Education in Technology and Science educates students, for careers as teachers in all technological and scientific areas (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computers and 9Technology Electronics, Electricity, Mechanics and other engineering subjects). In the fields of technology and science there is a serious lack of teachers with such qualifications. High schools, technical colleges, teachers' colleges and training programs for the high-tech industry are all potential employers. The development of the profession of technological education has become an industry in itself, requiring a combination of knowledge and skills both in the area of engineering and pedagogy. Moreover, graduates may continue to study for a Masters and a Doctoral degree. Graduates of the faculty of Education in Technology and Science acquire a unique vocation: A profession integrating technology and/or science with work in the area of human relations. This career choice allows graduates the privilege of educating the younger generation and guiding it in its first steps in technology or science - a source of endless satisfaction.

Study Program

סטודנטים יושבים בהרצאה

As with all other Technion students, students in our faculty study the core subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Following that, students study programs in accordance with their choice of specialization. In undergraduate studies, students choose one of the following seven fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Technology-Electricity, Technology-Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry-Environmental Science and Biology-Environmental Science. Depending on what they have selected, students take the appropriate science and technology courses. The courses in education include Psychology, Foundations of Education, Teaching Skills and Methods and these are taught parallel to the science and technology subject matter courses. Practical work in schools is combined with theoretical studies. In the Educational Methods Lab, students gain experience by teaching classes while being videotaped on closed circuit television. Graduates obtain a BSc degree in the specific area they have studied and completed, including those studies toward a teaching diploma.

Additional Degree

Students from other Technion tracks can also study toward an additional BSc in the above mentioned subjects for only 36 points. Holders of a BSc in Science and/or Technology Education from other universities or those who are studying toward a teaching diploma for high schools can engage in continuing studies or an additional BSc. This degree includes subjects required for a teaching diploma from the facultyof Education in Technology and Science through the Division of Continuing Education and External Studies of the Technion. All these students obtain an academic diploma, which entitles them to teach in Israel's junior and senior high schools.

Graduate Degrees

Another section in the faculty comprises studies towards a MSc and a PhD in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. These studies require the student to carry out a research project and to learn courses in educational research, statistics and the subject matter in which the candidate wants to specialize. In recent years a new MSc program was developed (MSc without a thesis), where students can learn toward a degree without having to do research. After obtaining their degree, MSc and PhD graduates can serve as science and technology coordinators in high schools, teach at universities and colleges and fulfill functions of educational leadership in teaching centers, in the Ministry of Education Culture and Sport and in the training faculties of industries. They can also act as developers of new science and technology curricula and methods of instruction, research and evaluation and in-service teacher training courses.


The faculty has a specialized library with learning materials, periodical journals and books in all the varied areas of education.

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