Medicine and Computer Science (Double Degree)

Please note! Only Israeli citizens may register to Medicine and Computer Science (double degree). 

This joint program is designated for outstanding students, and is administered jointly by Medicine and the Computer Science faculties. It is an admission track requiring application at the time of registration to the Technion.

The goal of this track is to train graduates with in-depth knowledge of both computer science and medicine, who can integrate and lead in each of the disciplines individually and in the research, development and industry areas that require both knowledge.
The program is intended for students who are admitted directly to medical studies and are interested in pursuing a degree in computer science.

The program of studies is designated for candidates who were accepted to the Faculty of Medicine and are interested in studying for a degree in Computer Science as well. The program grants a double degree: a BSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Medical Science. Towards the MD Degree and after completing all the disciplines of the Double Degree Program, the transfer to the Clinical Division will be possible for three additional years and for one year of internship (pursuant to the Articles of Association of Medicine).

Courses that are parallel to the courses of Medicine will be recognized in favor of the double degree only for students who will complete the double degree program in its entirety, as described in the program of studies.

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the program is to train graduates with comprehensive knowledge both in Computer Science and in Medicine who will be able to fit in and to lead in each of the fields separately as well as in the fields of the research, the development and the industry which require knowledge in both.

Duration of Studies

The duration of the studies for a double degree is five years (excluding the Clinical Division and the internship).

Course of Studies

In the first two years, the students will study the basic courses and courses in Computer Science.

In semesters 5 and 6, they will study courses in Medicine and courses in Computer Science.

From Semester 7 to Semester 10, only courses in Medicine will be studied. 

Completing the obligations in every degree comply with the relevant procedures of the Faculty.

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