Estimated Sekhem Threshold

The Sekhem grade determines the status of an applicant in reference to other applicants registered for the same course. The Sekhem quoted in the tables below is an approximation only. In reality, the Sekhem grade needed to qualify may differ due to the number of applicants, their grades and the places still available. In the later stages of the registration period, the qualification grade might be higher than it was in the earlier stages.

Estimated Sekhem Threshold For The Fall Semester (October 2019)

Study TracksThreshold
Aerospace Engineering84
Biochemical Engineering83
(Sekhem for second preference is 90)
Biomedical Engineering87
Biomedical Engineering & Physics88
Biotechnology and Food Engineering84 new track
Chemical Engineering82
Civil Engineering85
Computer Science*90
Computer Science & Mathematics*91
Computer Science & Physics91
Data science & engineering89
Education in Science and Technology*82
Environmental Engineering82.5
Electrical Engineering*91
Electrical Engineering & Physics91
Industrial Engineering & Management87
Information systems Engineering 87
Landscape Architecture
(Sekhem for second preference is 82)
Mapping and Geo-Information Engineering83
Materials Engineering86
Materials Engineering & Biology86
Materials Engineering & Chemistry86
Materials Engineering & Physics86
Mathematics & Computer Science*86
Mathematics with Statistics and Operations Research*86
Mechanical Engineering85
Medicine (Qualification for the MOR test)
Medicine-Biomedical Engineering (Double degree) (Qualification for the MOR test)
Medicine and Computer Science (Double degree) (Qualification for the MOR test) 93.4
Medicine and Materials Engineering (Double degree) (Qualification for the MOR test) 93.4
Molecular Biochemistry84
*Please note! These study tracks open in the fall and spring semester.