Biomedical Engineering & Physics

The joint study track of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Faculty of Physics at the Technion is an innovative program designed for outstanding students who wish to develop scientific and technological knowledge in biomedical engineering combined with in-depth knowledge of physics and an understanding of modern phenomena and research tools in biomedical engineering.

סטודנטים במעבדה

The goal of the program is to train engineers and scientists who will possess deep knowledge of both biomedical engineering and physics. Such a broad vision is now increasingly required at the forefront of Nano-biotechnology research and development of biomedical equipment which relies on complex physical phenomena, for example in the fields of biomedical optics, nuclear and magnetic imaging, and nanoparticles. In addition, many advanced biomedical research topics rely heavily on innovative experimental and theoretical tools, originally developed in physics, and on profound physical and engineering knowledge.

Program Length: approximately 4.5 years.

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In Biomedical Engineering:  
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In Physics:
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