Mathematics With Computer Science

Career Options and Job Opportunities

Graduates have a solid basis in Mathematics with knowledge of Computer Science. This enables them to work in industry, or to continue on to a higher degree.

Study programs
Mathematics-Computer Science (a four-year program)
Mathematics-Computer Science (a three-year program)

This is a three-year (BSc) or four-year (BSc) program combining הדגמה של ניסוי במעבדהa degree in Mathematics with study of the main subjects of Computer Science. In the three-year and the four-year programs, the courses in computer science constitute about one-third of the required points for the degree; the four-year program provides a broader foundation in computer science. Many Computer Science students, especially those who are studying for higher degrees, feel that they lack a strong mathematics foundation. This basis is also increasingly important to industry. The program is designed to meet this requirement.

Graduates' Experience

My name is Felix.

Before beginning my studies in the Technion I debated between studying Math and Computer Science, as both fields intrigued me. Today I know the conception I then had of these two sciences was naïve, but the dilemma was real and difficult. I was lucky that Professor Itai Shafrir, a faculty member of the Math Faculty, advised me to sign up for the double track major and to taste both fields and to see which appealed more to me. I am happy that I listened to his advice – I have not regretted the decision.Felix the student

The beauty of the double major is that it offers a broad and serious foundation in both disciplines. On this basis a student can choose his own direction later on. Some of my friends from this program chose to take many assorted computer science courses. I chose to focus on the mathematical aspects and requested to participate in research. Here also I was lucky, since I was in the special program for outstanding students - so I was assigned a mentor from my “home” faculty, the Math Faculty. Thus, I was fortunate to meet Professor Avi Berman, who encouraged me to engage in research and to develop as a mathematician. He provided encouragement and supported my first hesitant steps. These steps led over time to my Master's and Doctoral theses, done under the supervision of Professor Berman. I am honored to be his student.

I am happy to say that the classes in Computer Science were not a waste of time. In addition to satisfying my intellectual interests, the knowledge gained has served me greatly in my work at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, but that is a story for another time.

In summary, I highly recommend studying in the Math Faculty. It is a sympathetic academic family that is fun to be a part of. I specifically recommend the joint degree program in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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