This three-year program consists of an equal number of courses in Mathematics and in Physics and is designated for students interested in both Mathematics and Physics. At the end of the program students are awarded a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics-Physics (BSc).

Career Options and Job Opportunities

Graduates of this program may be viewed as physicists with a deep understanding of Mathematics, as well as mathematicians with a rigorous approach to problems in applied science. Graduates are provided with a fundamental education in an especially broad area, and so can fit well in research and development teams in industry and high tech companies. Graduates will also be able to pursue a higher degree in either the Math or the Physics Faculties.

Study Programמרצה פותר תרגיל על הלוח בשיעור באחת הכיתות

The parallel development of Mathematics and Physics has been the impetus for significant progress in the sciences. Mathematics and Physics are often advanced in parallel, with shared objectives. This study track is intended for students interested in both Mathematics and Physics, who wish to enjoy the best of both worlds. The study program includes most of the required courses of the two faculties, and elective courses.

Students turn in the direction of Physics or Mathematics by emphasizing one of these subjects through their choice of elective courses.

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