Mathematics with Statistics and Operations Research

A three-year long track (BSc) combines Statistics and Operations Researcher, which are usually given by the Faculty of Industrial engineering and Management in the amount of a quarter of the degree. The role of Statistics and Operations Research has grown over the years in most areas of engineering, life sciences, social sciences and management. The advantage of this track is the combination of a solid mathematical base, together with training in applied aspects of mathematics and statistics. This program is well suited both for those who wish to continue in these fields in industry, as well as for those who wish to pursue a master's degree.

מרצה מסבירה לסטודנטית תרגיל על הלוח לאחר השיעור

Graduates' Experience

Hello, My name is Hila and I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Statistics and Operations Research. I also received a MSc in Pure Mathematics from the faculty of Mathematics in the Technion.

Since I was a child I liked mathematics, I enjoyed challenging problems and logic puzzles. When I had to decide what to study I did not know what to choose. I knew I wanted to study math, but what field of mathematics?

I wanted to study something that would be both interesting to me, and useful for future employment. When I examined the various courses of study in the faculty of Mathematics during an open house, I was especially attracted to the subjects of Statistics and Probability. I was not sure exactly what these subjects were, but I was told that I do not have to make a final decision immediately. I could take some of the courses and decide a year later in what field to specialize. That is what happened.

I enjoyed studying in the math faculty. It is a small and student friendly faculty. The treatment of the students is much more individualized and personal than in larger faculties. I chose the Statistics and Operations Research program, which greatly interested me. This field is very relevant and the subject matter was from real world problems. During my studies I saw how many job opportunities there are in this field. The specialized courses in this field are in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management. The knowledge that I gained and skills I developed studying mathematics helped me immensely in the statistics and operations research courses. There was a noticeable difference between me and my fellow students in these courses who had not studied advanced mathematics. The difference was particularly noticeable when doing large projects which required creative, original thinking. As a result, I finished these courses with honors.

When I finished my undergraduate studies I had a number of job offers in Operations Research. However, I had completely fallen in love with the Faculty of Mathematics. As a result, I chose to study towards a Master's degree in Pure Mathematics, and to defer making a decision about the direction of my future career.

Today I can choose between working in the industry in the field of Operations Research, (my study partner from the undergraduate degree program has done so successfully and keeps me up-to-date), or to continue in academia in one of the fields I have studied.


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