Computer Science and Mathematics

A joint program towards a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

This joint program is designated for outstanding students, and is administered jointly by the Computer Science and Mathematics faculties. It is an admission track requiring application at the time of registration to the Technion.

Career Options and Job Opportunities

תמונה של הבניין של מדעי המחשב על רקע מזרקה בלב הקמפוס

The aim of the program is to train graduates with a deep understanding in both Computer Science and Mathematics, who will be able to participate in, and lead, research and development in these areas. Most students in this track continue to graduate studies in Mathematics or Computer Science, while others find rewarding employment in the Hi-Tech industry.

Study program

This is a seven semesters program that covers all the mandatory courses in both Mathematics and Computer Science. Elective courses are selected from the list of all required and elective courses offered by Mathematics and Computer Science, which are not included in or overlapping with the required courses of the track.

Host Faculty

Each student joins one of the faculties, Mathematics or Computer Science, according to his/her choice. However, the students will benefit from services given by both faculties and specifically will be given access to the libraries, computer farms and laboratories of both faculties.

Graduate Studies

Graduates of the joint Computer Science and Mathematics program will be able to continue their studies in both the Mathematics and the Computer Science faculties. During the master's degree studies, either in Computer Science or in Mathematics, these graduates will be considered as graduates of a four-year track program.

Contact Us

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Mathematics: Professor Amir Yehudayoff, Tubul Rachel | 04-8294279 |