Biomedical Engineering & Physics

סטודנטית מבצעת ניסוי בעזרת מיקרוסקופ, בחדר נקיJoint study program of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Faculty of Physics.

This novel program in intended for a limited number of Honors students interested in gaining scientific and technological knowledge in Biomedical Engineering disciplines, together with a deeper physical understanding of modern Biomedical Engineering phenomena and research tools.

At the end of the program, students are granted a BSc in Biomedical Engineering & Physics.

In this program, effort will be made to adjust the schedules and exam schedules between the two tracks. It is difficult to adjust the program for a very small number of students. Therefore, the length of the study program may be longer than planned.

Contact Us

In Biomedical Engineering:  
Professor Shechtman Yoav| 04-8291422 |
Asya Ashkenazy | 04-8294123 |

In Physics:
Professor Oren Bergman | 04-8293546 |
Maman Ester | 04-8295585 |