Study Programs

Mathematics ( a three years program)
Applied Mathematics (a four years programs)
Applied Mathematics (a three years program)

Career Options and Job Opportunities

בניין הפקולטה למתמטיקהThe Mathematics program trains high-level mathematicians to work in research, industry, and education. Graduates work in R&D, finances in a wide range of companies in the computer and high-tech industries as well as in universities, research institutes and schools. Due to ongoing research in advanced technology industries, the demand for mathematicians, whose training allows them to incorporate their knowledge in a broad range of areas, is increasing.

The advantage of mathematics graduates over graduates from other scientific and engineering disciplines is their deep understanding of the foundations of mathematics and their fundamental and structured thinking, which is an asset in any field. In addition, courses designed for mathematics students are profound and present the beauty of mathematics.

  • The study language in all tracks is Hebrew.

The Faculty of Mathematics has three separate application tracks:

  1. Mathematics - a three-year track
  2. Applied Mathematics - a three-year track
  3. Applied Mathematics - a four-year track

Joint and Inter-Disciplinary Application Tracks

The Faculty of Mathematics also offers four additional application tracks that combine mathematics courses with courses from other disciplines:

  1. Mathematics with Computer Scienceמרצה על רקע הלוח בשיעור בפקולטה למתמטיקה
  2. Mathematics with Statistics and Operations Research
  3. Computer Science with Mathematics (joint with the Faculty of Computer Science).
  4. Mathematics-Physics (joint with Faculty of Physics).

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