Admission to Landscape Architecture

Admission to Landscape Architecture
General Requirements
Application with Foreign Matriculation
Dates of Registration for Landscape Architecture
Entrance Test for Landscape Architecture


General Requirements

Psychometric Test

Knowledge of English

Knowledge of Hebrew

Application with Foreign Matriculation

    • Applicants with foreign matriculation certificates recognized by the Technion will be considered for admission to Landscape Architecture based on the average of their matriculation certificate, psychometric score and score of the entrance exam to Landscape Architecture. The Sekem can be calculated in the Sekem calculator.
    • Applicants with foreign matriculation certificates that are not recognized by the Technion: These candidates who wish to be accepted to landscape Architecture will be considered only on the basis of the multidisciplinary psychometric score (or ACT score or SAT score) and the Landscape Architecture entrance exam score.

Those accepted to Landscape Architecture are exempted from placement tests in Physics and Chemistry.

Dates of Registration for Landscape Architecture

Fall Semester (October 2022)

Late RegistrationThere is no late registration for Landscape Architecture.
Beginning of Application23.1.2022
Last Day of Registration and Application of Grades6.3.2022
Preparatory Meeting13.3.2022
Day of the Exam15.3.2022
Last valid date for the Yael/Yaelnet, Amir/Amiram and the PSYCOMETRIC testsSpring (March / April) 2022

Late RegistrationThere is no late registration for Landscape Architecture.
Beginning of Application23.1.2022
Last Day of Registration 6.3.2022
Last date for submitting grades and documents15.8.2022
Last valid date for the Yael/Yaelnet, Amir/Amiram and the PSYCOMETRIC testsSpring (March / April) 2022

Entrance Test for Landscape Architecture

The entrance test in Landscape Architecture is mandatory for all applicants to the Landscape Architecture track. Participation in the test will only be open to those who register to Landscape Architecture in one of their priorities.

The entrance test for Landscape Architecture takes place at the Technion once a year. The test score constitutes one third of the admission, with the multidisciplinary psychometric score and the optimal matriculation average.

The landscape Architecture admission test will be run as an online home test. A link to the test forms will be sent to the registrants on the day of the test via a zoom session, as well as by e-mail.

Maintaining an entrance Test Score from a Previous Year

Candidates may ask to keep a previous score in the landscape Architecture admission test. The determining grade for anyone re-taking the test will be their highest.
Please contact the Candidates and Assessment section by e-mail and ask to keep the previous score.

Registration for the Test

A letter of preparation and an invitation to the test, will be sent to all registrants a couple of weeks before the test. The invitation will be sent to the email you registered with.

Participation in the Test

The test will run on a Google platform. In order to minimize technical issues during the test, it is recommended to use a Gmail address. If you do not currently have a Gmail Address, please open a free account. (You can delete it after receiving the test answers).

Preparatory Meeting

On Sunday, March 13, at 19:00, we will demonstrate the use of the test tools in a Q&A session by Zoom, in which participants will be able to try out and practice using the technology. It is highly recommended to take part in this session before the test, so that these do not delay you on the day of the test itself. For those who will not be able to participate, this meeting will be recorded and a link to the recording will be sent to all registrants.

Test Preparations


Writing and drawing tools, standard white A4 paper. Instructions for additional materials will be sent to registrants prior to the test date.

Test work environment

Please arrange for yourself a comfortable, quiet and well-lit work space, including a desk, computer and web camera, speakers and microphone, as well as a cell phone with a camera, and a relaxed mood.

Necessary software

Gmail (see above).
Zoom video conferencing.
• Mobile scanning app: There are many. We recommend Adobe Scan - which will be presented in the preparation session.

Test Day

The test will be held by Zoom on Tuesday March 15th 2022.
The test zoom room will open at 9:00 AM. At the beginning of the test, a registration process will be conducted parallel to answering questions. Please come prepared and familiarized with the technical tools of the test. Upon completion of the registration and introductions all participants will receive a link to the beginning of the test.

Test Description

Identification: The test is personal and anonymous. At the beginning of the day you will be asked to identify yourself, and upon confirmation of your identity you will receive a test number which will be used by you for all parts of the test. This number alone will be used to identify the tests for grading.

Personal responsibility: All products will be produced by the examines themselves. Do not use help from another person. Browsing information sources (such as the Internet) is allowed, but copying is strictly forbidden. An test that does not meet the requirements will be disqualified.

Time: the test is designed so that one can devote between 4 and 6 hours to complete all the tasks, with an additional two hours - until 18:00, so that everyone has enough time. Requests for additional time may be allotted in special cases, provided they are requested from the registration unit in advance, before the test begins.

Structure: the test includes a number of consecutive tasks, each task leading to the next. Each section of the test will be sent as an empty presentation with exercise instructions. After performing each exercise, you will be prompted to return the filled power point presentation, upon which you will receive the link to the next section, and so on until completion.

Graphic products: will be on plain white A4 pages (printer sheets). All means of manual drawing, sketching or collage (such as cutting and pasting pages) may be used. Computer assisted graphics are strictly forbidden unless expressly approved.

Upon completion of each part of the test, you will be asked to scan your graphic products by using the scanning software on your mobile device and embed them in the presentation.
Confirmation for the submission of each completed task, will be sent to you by email upon receipt. This Confirmation Email is a reference and proof of your participation in the test. Please keep it!

Additional explanations, if required, will be sent to you prior to the test.

Test Grades

Tests that are graded in the lower third of the grading scale will not meet the required admission threshold and will receive the "do not pass" grade.

Exemption from the Test

Those with an academic background in Architecture recognized by the Technion (at least two semesters) will be exempt from the entry test. If their acceptance is considered, they will be invited to present their work in an interview.

Test structure

Landscape Architecture is a multidimensional profession that requires diverse abilities: environmental and social sensitivity, systemic thinking, creativity, technical understanding and more. The test simulates key aspects of landscape Architecture studies through a series of exercises in observation, problem solving, graphic and three-dimensional expression and verbal expression.
The variety of exercises is designed to produce as complete a picture as possible of the abilities of the applicants, as well as an opportunity for the candidate to experience the variety of ways of learning and practicing the landscape Architecture profession.

The test is designed to test creativity, the ability to observe and analyze, visual memory, spatial orientation, and expressiveness in form. The test will be performed by drawing and three-dimensional expression accompanied by verbal clarifications as well as by building a three-dimensional model.
No prior knowledge of drawing or modelling is required.

Preparing for the Test

There is no requirement for prior knowledge, and there is no obligation to prepare for the test. The test assessment focuses on one's ability to encounter questions from a new field and manifest individual talent, not skill. Therefore, the variety of exercises in the test are designed to enable all candidates to express their best. Those who may not master one field, may find their expression easier in another.

However, if you are interested in preparing, you can:

  •  Walk in several open spaces (gardens, parks, streets ...) and pay close attention: what affects you? what do you like? what is bothering you?
  •  Try to do a pencil drawing of a simple object such as a leaf, chair, car, or any simple object you see fit, from three different directions. Draw from observation, not from a 2D picture.
    • Build a lampshade for a small flashlight using different materials (the test will include a different exercise, but if you have never built a model, it is a good warm-up exercise)
    Sleep well before the test day, and come with a good mood, curiosity and willingness to experiment.

Examples in Hebrew