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The Technion, Israel’s first and biggest scientific-technological university and one of the largest centers of applied research in the world, instructs undergraduate and graduate students in almost every major field of engineering, science, architecture and medicine.

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Information for Non-Israeli Students.

Degrees Studies in Hebrew

Pre-university Education - A Gateway to the Technion

The Center for Pre-university Education (Mechina) offers courses for those who need to prepare for studies at the Technion. A year-long program offers intensive basic knowledge courses in Hebrew, Mathematics, Physics and English. A special program caters to new immigrants and newcomers to Israel.

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Undergraduate Studies

The Technion offers more than 50 undergraduate programs in 18 academic faculties.

  • Engineering: Aerospace | Biochemical | Biomedical | Biomedical Engineering & Physics | Biotechnology and food | Chemical | Civil | Computers | Electrical | Data Science | Electrical Engineering & Physics | Industrial and management  | Information systems | Environmental | Mapping and Geo-information | Materials| Materials engineering & biology | Materials engineering & chemistry | Materials engineering & physics | Mechanical | Medicine-Biomedical.
  • Science: Biology| Chemistry | Computers | Computers - focus on Bioinformatics | Mathematics | Mapping & Geo-information | Physics | Computers & Mathematics | Computers & Physics | Mathematics with Computers | Mathematics-Physics | Mathematics with Statistics & Operation Research | Molecular Biochemistry.
  • Architecture | Landscape Architecture
  • Education in Science and Technology  
  • Medicine, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Computer Sciences, Medicine and Materials Science and Engineering (Double Degree) - only Israeli citizens can study these tracks.

Registration for the Fall Semester (starting in October) opens in the middle of January and closes at the end of March. Registration for the Spring Semester (starting in March) opens in November and closes at the end of January.

The Registration for the Fall semester is open until August 30th  for all courses except Computer Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, Architecture, Landscape Architecture. Medicine and the double degrees with Medicine.  

The academic tracks that admit new students only in the Fall Semester are: Aerospace Engineering | Architecture | Biomedical Engineering | Biomedical Engineering & Physics | Biomedical Engineering & Medicine  (double degree) | Biology | Biochemical Engineering | Biotechnology & Food Engineering | Chemistry | Civil Engineering  | Chemical Engineering | Computer Science | Computer Science & Mathematics| Computer Science & Physics | Data Science and Engineering|Electrical Engineering | Electrical Engineering & Physics | Environmental Engineering | Education in Technology and Science | Information System Engineering | Industrial Engineering and Management | Landscape Architecture | Mapping and Geo-Information  Engineering | Mathematics | Mathematics & Computer Science | Mathematics & Physics | Mathematics & Statistics and Operations Research | Medicine | Medicine & Materials Science | Medicine & Computer Science| Materials Science | Materials Science & Biology | Materials Science & Chemistry | Materials Science & Physics | Mechanical Engineering | Molecular Biochemistry | Physics.

Applications for loans, grants, scholarships and dormitories are considered only after applicants are admitted to the Technion.

Online registration in Hebrew only 

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Graduate Studies

The Irwin and Joan Jacobs Graduate School offers over 60 MSc and PhD programs.

Research tracks are either disciplinary or interdisciplinary. There are also several Dual-doctorate programs with leading schools around the world.

Courses are taught in English when an overseas student requests.

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 Degrees Studies in English

Technion International

The Technion offers a full degree program of studies in English, toward a BSc in Civil Engineering and BSc in Mechanical Engineering. Join students from over 40 countries. As part of your study abroad experience get ready for a vibrant student life, living in modern dorms on campus, making use of the Technion’s excellent sports facilities, learning Hebrew (optional), and participating in exciting social and cultural activities.

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Visiting International Students

The Technion offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students during the school year or during the summer. Students can visit to take courses or to participate in research activities. Technion International offers courses in English in a variety of engineering and science disciplines. Students interested in a research internship must obtain approval from their home university and a Technion host.

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Technion American Medical School Program (TeAMS)

The Technion Medical School offers an English-language full-term, USA format medical program.
The program requires pre-med training from the USA or Canada, and couples a strong curriculum in basic medical sciences with clinical education at the finest medical centers in Israel.

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The Technion MBA program, taught within the Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, is a top league part-time MBA program taught in English.
The program focuses on high-tech management in a global economy.

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