Admission of candidates with foreign matriculation exams that are not recognized by the Technion

Candidates with foreign matriculation exams that are not  recognized by the Technion, that have taken exams in Math, English and at least one exam in a scientific subject  at the highest level given in their state, can apply to the technion

These candidates must take the following exams:

  • The Israeli psychometric test or the SAT or ACT.
  • Placement Exams in Math and Physics at the Technion or the Israeli matriculation exams in Math and physics in 5 units.
  • "YAEL" test (knowledge of Hebrew). For the next year (2017-2018), a grade of at least 113 is required.
  • Applicants who have not taken the Israeli psychometric test will have to take the "AMIR" test (knowledge of English). For the next year (2017-2018), a grade of at least 104 is required.

Based on these grades the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will decide on the acceptance or rejection of candidates.