Medical studies

The aim of medical studies program is to train future doctors to have an extensive education in sciences and a firm base of knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of modern clinical medicine.

Duration of studies

The first three years (pre-clinical years) are רפואהcomposed of a wide variety of scientific and medical courses. The teaching of courses takes place both in the Technion main campus at Neve Sha'anan as well as in the Faculty of Medicine in Bat-Galim. The first year of the program will take place exclusively in the main campus at Neve Sha'anan. 

Fourth to sixth year (clinical years) - in the first six months of the fourth year, students must take the integrative course, which combines all the material that was learned in the past years of studies - combining practical and clinical aspects. The rest of the studies in these years is performed in small groups at hospitals in northern Israel with an emphasis on the clinical aspect - diagnosing patients, physical examinations, choosing auxiliary lab tests, synthesizing information, and choosing the proper treatment. At the end of the sixth year, there are six months of finals.

Thesis - students must submit a research paper which is also a prerequisite for receiving an MD degree and getting approval to begin a year of internship.

A year of internship - a year of practical work in an assigned hospital. This year is for accumulating practical experience in the hospital, a year in which students learn from and work under the guidance of senior doctors in chosen faculties in the hospital.

After finishing six years of studies, certification tests and a year of internship, students will earn an MD degree.

Students with especially high grades at the end of the pre-clinical years may enroll to the MD/PhD program.

A Combined BME-MED Programרפואה

A cobined major in Biomedical Engineering & Medicinethis is a highly competitive program, designated for especially talented applicants who have good grades and passed the national medical school screening exams (MOR).

The program grants its graduates with a triple degree: BSc in Medical Sciences, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, and MD. Duration of program: seven years (without internship).


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